The initial assessment is an integrated series of diagnostic, clinical, psychological evaluations conducted with the client and his/her guardian or significant other to develop an effective, comprehensive individualized plan of care.  It may also be used to determine recipient’s level of need and medical necessity.

Community Psychiatric Support and Treatment

Community Psychiatric Support and Treatment (CPST) is a goal-directed support and solution focused intervention, which focuses on reducing the disability resulting from mental illness, restoring functional skills of daily living, building natural supports, and achieving identified person-centered goals or objectives as set forth in the individualized treatment plan. Services address the individualized mental health needs of the member. CPST is a face-to-face intervention with the individual present; however, family or other collaterals may also be involved. Most contacts occur in community locations where the person lives, works, attends school and/or socializes.

Psychosocial Rehabilitation

Psychosocial rehabilitation (PSR) services are designed to assist the individual with compensating for or eliminating functional deficits and interpersonal and/or environmental barriers associated with their mental illness.  Activities included must be intended to achieve the identified goals or objectives as set forth in the individual’s individualized treatment plan.  The intent of PSR is to restore the fullest possible integration of the individual as an active and productive member of his or her family, community and/or culture with the least amount of ongoing professional intervention. PSR is a face-to-face intervention with the individual present. Services may be provided individually or in a group setting.

Psychiatric Outpatient

Psychiatric outpatient services include medication management, psychiatric evaluation, individual therapy with medical evaluation and management, and case consultation.


Individual and family outpatient services are face-to-face sessions with the client and/or family based on a range of professional therapeutic strategies. 

Crisis Intervention

Crisis Intervention services are designed to provide immediate crisis resolution and de-escalation and referral and linkage to appropriate community services to avoid more restrictive levels of treatment.


Telehealth is a mode of delivering healthcare services that utilizes information and communication technologies to enable the diagnosis, consultation, treatment, education, care management, and self-management of patients at a distance from healthcare providers.

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